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A visionary and entrepreneur, Ultan O’Lorcain started his first company as a young man in Limerick in the early 90’s building timber frame homes. Even at that time, the young entrepreneur showed his ability to challenge a complex building industry that was already set in its ways.

Since then he has honed his craft and has a strong focus on environmental issues which has developed as the core of his business acumen. He has worked on projects ranging from Breaffy House Hotel in Castlebar, Euro Disney in Paris to the Gleneagles Estate in Scotland. Ultan has continued to work to make his innovative ideas a reality, with an emphasis on using advanced technology to improve the design experience and building methods as well as minimize the environmental impact of housing on Irish families, and to do it in a fun and collaborative way.

It should be no surprise then that the name of Ultan’s current company contains the word ‘Innovative’. Ultan’s central role as co-founder of INNOVATIVE HOME SOLUTIONS in 2010 shouldn't be overlooked. In retrospect, his career history shows strong evidence of Ultan's unquestionable ability to rally talented individuals around a single goal and making things happen.

Today, Ultan dedicates his focus to passive and alternative energy technologies. He plays by different rules and does that quite successfully. The distinctive personality traits of Ultan O’Lorcain are perseverance, critical thinking, accurate self-analysis and hard work (he works 80-100 hours per week). Along with his swagger, he totes intellect, style and wit.

Whereas Mark Zuckerberg wants to help you share family photos, Ultan wants to save the planet from the effects of climate change and the human race from self-imposed or accidental extinction. He is concerned about climate change and has a growing understanding that, houses and other buildings account for 40 percent of all energy consumption and a third of carbon emissions nationally. He believes that passive construction if widely applied could fundamentally alter the world’s carbon balance.

With this virtuous equation in mind, Ultan builds all his homes to a passive standard. In Europe, where all new construction must comply with “Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings” by 2020, he is adamant that passive house building is the best building practice.