About Us

At Innovative Home Solutions our Design + Build team believe that when you approach the design and building of a house as more than just combining a series of rooms, your range of influences stretches further as well, we want to change the way your dream home or extension is brought to life.


Innovative Home Solutions’ mission is to make beautifully designed, high quality, energy efficient and green homes and extensions available to more people than ever before, in half the time of traditional building methods.

We are the leading provider of premium timber frame homes and extensions in Ireland. Built in half the time of conventional homes and extensions, our superior factory-built homes are better constructed, healthier to live in and easier to maintain. We feature soaring ceilings, walls of glass ‘letting the outdoors in’, luxury quality finishes, and integrated high performance technologies for convenient and comfortable living.

"Innovative Home Solutions are trying to disrupt the traditional industry by offering customers better choices, faster schedules with lower prices. We want to integrate a purpose built connection between light-filled, spacious indoor living spaces with a seamless link with the outdoors.” says Innovative Home Solutions founder Ultan O’Lorcain. “We are excited that our advanced technology Design+Build program now allows us to offer our customers homes that are greener, smarter, more spacious and quicker to build, all at lower prices—even as home prices start to rise across the country."

We help our clients choose materials that are best for their projects, we recommend materials that are renewable and recyclable, as well as materials that are timeless and long-lasting.

We are a small company offering a very personal, hands-on experience and we Design+Build highly client-driven and site-responsive turnkey timber frame homes and extensions.


At Innovative Home Solutions, we like to demonstrate the seamless integration of passive and sustainable technologies with a high aesthetic standard of design. We specialise in next generation off site timber frame construction in factory controlled conditions, thus allowing us greater governance over quality of materials and standards of workmanship.

High tech. Low impact. Our closed panel system is designed and manufactured using the latest cutting edge methods and materials we achieve Passive Certified or Passive Standard performance. Utilising Passive House principles, the latest renewable technologies coupled with best practice ideals help us achieve these exacting standards resulting in a lifetime of benefits and enjoyment in your new home. Each of our timber frame homes and extensions are certified by our structural engineer and come with our 25 year guarantee.

The Benefits of an INNOVATIVE HOME SOLUTIONS 'Passive House or Extension'

  1. Exceptional high level of thermal insulation. All building elements have very low U-Values of between 0.10 & 0.15W/m²K.
  2. Quality AluClad window and doors with triple low-e glazing.
  3. Thermal Bridge free construction, achieved through a high level of design and drawing detailing.
  4. Airtight building envelope – no draughts.
  5. Healthier air quality with highly efficient heat recovery ventilation.
  6. Better building quality.

Advantages of a Passive House

  1. Extremely low heating costs.
  2. Healthier living environment, with dust and pollen reduction, controlled humidity and free of mould and condensation.
  3. High level of comfort – constant indoor temperature.
  4. Greener and more environmentally friendly homes due to the huge reduction in CO2 emissions associated with space heating over the lifetime of the house.

Homeowners can also expect to enjoy reduced space heating demand by up to 75% compared to that of traditional construction techniques and even up to 90% compared to the current typical building stock.


Ultimately, our goal is to build spaces that help you experience the surroundings, instead of merely insulating you from them. It’s a result we believe can only be achieved by including everyone in the process—from the clients themselves, to architects, designers and contractors.

By listening, exchanging inspiring ideas, and being transparently honest, what might have been a sterile process becomes an enjoyable exercise in creativity. After all, your home will be more than a house—so it follows your contractor and designer needs to be more than just a contractor and a designer. At Innovative Home Solutions, we welcome that role, and have found that a fulfilling collaboration results in an exceptional home.