Passive Homes

From its founding, INNOVATIVE HOME SOLUTIONS has deliberately integrated the functions of Passive architectural design and construction.

The core of our approach is building Passive Homes designed for the Irish and UK market with an air-tight, super thermally insulated structure fitted with the most advanced components and systems. To achieve this, each building demands extraordinary precision and attention to detail. To ensure that our buildings perform as designed, we control that process from start to finish.

We build to the German Passive House standard, which represents a 90% improvement on every home’s space heating requirements compared to typical building regulations compliant construction. We do this by creating a highly insulated building shell using their own twin wall system that makes use of passive solar gain to significantly lower space heating demands, super-insulated walls, as well as super-insulated foundation and roof systems, and incorporating quality AluClad triple-glazed windows and external doors. All of these improvements combined with mechanical heat-recovery ventilation result in a building with an extremely small energy demand. This renewable energy source will pay for itself in energy savings several times over the course of its life span. The bottom line is a financially sound investment in sustainability.

INNOVATIVE HOME SOLUTIONS offer our passive building kits to architects and self-builders who are considering sustainability and the environment in the design of their homes. In addition to cutting construction time and cost, their twin wall, passive standard, prefabricated panels minimise heat loss and have a low carbon footprint.

What does the INNOVATIVE HOME SOLUTIONS Passive House include?

Super Insulated Foundation

200mm of rigid insulation under a concrete slab-on-grade foundation providing a U-Value of 0.10 W/m2K

Super Insulated Exterior Walls

270mm thick structurally insulated win wall panels providing a U-Value of 0.10 W/m2K

Super Insulated Roof

Roof trusses with a taped OSB air barrier on the warm side, with 300mm of insulation providing a U-Value of 0.10 W/m2K in both pitched and flat roofs.

Draft-Free Interiors

By paying close attention to eliminating drafts and sealing the perimeter of the building during the course of construction creates a warm, comfortable interior. The air sealing of all of their buildings is tested with a blower door test, to ensure the performance of the building shell meets Passive Standards.

Fresh Air

The benefit of a tightly sealed house is the ability for mechanically controlled ventilation to be filtered and warmed to create a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. The ventilation system allows the exhaust air to pass by and exchange heat with incoming fresh air, providing abundant pre-warmed fresh air without the cost of actually heating it. The efficiency of their heat recovery ventilation is up to 88%, and the operation of the unit is silent and easy to maintain.

High-Performance AluClad Windows and Doors

Triple-glazed AluClad windows allow the sun’s energy to penetrate to the interior of the building, capturing the solar energy. The advanced low-e coatings on the triple glazing provide insulation to minimise heat loss. They import the highest quality, energy-efficient triple-glazed windows for all their projects.


INNOVATIVE HOME SOLUTIONS utilizes the highest quality, healthy, and sustainable materials for all of their homes. They always seeks out durable and long-lasting finishes so that an INNOVATIVE HOME SOLUTIONS house looks great when the construction is complete and long into the future.