Poppy Red Raku Trinket Box

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A timeless, unique box…. wonderfully distinctive with its little feet and it’s round black lid. A vessel you will want to display in your home. A great addition to your own box collection or a gift for a friend who collects boxes.

This piece of art pottery is 3-½ inches tall and about 3 inches square. The volume of this box is a little over ⅓ cup.

This box was hand built from slabs of clay. The lid was thrown then hand formed elements were added. After bisque firing, the body of the box was glazed with a wonderful poppy red orange crackle glaze that Steve makes. The lid was left unglazed.

The box is then placed in a specially built raku kiln and heated until the glaze has melted, about 1800 degrees. Still glowing with intense heat, it is removed from the kiln. This thermal shock causes the glaze to crackle.

Then the box is placed into a container of sawdust. The sawdust ignites and produces a smoky atmosphere where carbon is absorbed into the unglazed clay and the crackled glaze.

Each piece has its own distinct crackle pattern and is unique in the way the carbon darkens the clay.

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